Our First Project


We've been busy designing programs. 
Listening to our community. 
Spending time on the land. 
Reading the research. 
Gathering ideas. 
Looking for ways to support others. 

and we're ready. 

The Reclaiming Indigeneity Society presents: 

The Stoney Nakoda Storytellers Project
( a pilot) 

We propose to develop a 8-12 week youth holistic development program, through arts, culture & employability skill building and broad based community engagement. The program has several major components, including arts education, cultural exploration, community building, and barrier reduction. Participants in the program will gain a variety of life and career skills, certifications, practical experiences, and opportunities to interact with diverse communities and their members. The goals of this project are to support Morley youth in understanding and constructing their own stories, and in contextualizing these within the stories of the Stoney Nakoda Nation. 

Our pilot project explores the needs for short term programming (i.e. community interest in various activities), and helps program staff understand some specific local conditions. Research in Morley and community feedback suggests a strong need for youth programming bound in asset building and strategic development as evidenced by the high unemployment rate, large instances of suicide, low interest in secondary education, gang violence, and disengagement with community. However, this pilot project will explore current local conditions and assist program staff in setting benchmarks, and in determining priorities and need. 

We will do this by hosting 6 events and workshops open to the general population of Morley, but focused on youth. These will be interactive arts based events designed to collect feedback from the community regarding needs, barriers, interests, and strengths, and they will include exposure to arts experiences, employment skills, and community engagement. All our programs are culturally bound, community based, and network building. 

Events and news regarding this program soon to follow! 
(hope you're excited). 

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