Greetings from Morley!


Lets be friends.

Okay good.

Friends help each other meet their needs.

We'd like to help you get the word out about the awesome art that you make.
We're designing greeting cards, to sell at boutiques and events. They've got information about our society on them. And they need your art.

They go like this...
people send cards to friends to remind them that they care, to wish them well on a special day, or to thank them for something.
we make cards, using images from local artists, and sell them to people so they can be good friends.
our cards are made from recycled and repurposed paper, with love, by our team.
they have our information on them, and artist bios.

So now you see that this is pretty cool.

What we're looking for:

- artists willing to donate the use of a black and white image (smaller than 5 x 3.5 in), that they feel relates to their own personal vision about art, and who are not too terrified to write 50 words about themselves

- store owners who are willing to sell cards, using a simple system and counter top display (about the size of half a shoe box, provided by us) for 1 month durations

Our list of supporters is growing, but we're always happy to hear more from you.

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