New Beginnings


Hello out there. 


It's us. 

Just some kids. 
Trying to get by. 

But a little confused

We're lost in the world of western industrial business supremacy. 

Looking for our traditions, for the teachings of our Elders, for better ways to survive, because this isn't working. 

We're RECLAIMING the spirit within us. Within our community. re-learning the traditions that kept us strong, that taught the right ways to live, and helped us to be healthy whole people. 

We're reclaiming these things for ourselves, for our neighbors, for our communities. 

We're supporting the right to be indigenous in the modern world. 

Creating lives we're proud to lead. 

Creating a new society where strength of character is valued above all else

Creating a new society where understanding and respect are paramount 

Creating space for ourselves, and our neighbors who support our work

Creating a new society with a place for everyone 

This is us. 

Our new society is Reclaiming Indigeneity

Standing up against what we know to be wrong. 

Fighting for alternative ways of getting things done. 

And doing them, together. 

Please join us. 

(we're cool. we promise). 

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