Special Thanks!

Special thanks to all our supporters for their Winter Gear to donate in Morley!!!

Leo Boutique
Liam Gordon & Family
Xavier Couchman
Alex Suthern
Phil McCutchen
Heather Lawrence
Alice & Bob Foote
Tiffany Husband & Family
Vanessa Rae
Kevin Lee
Ian Gordon

And thanks to Jennifer K. for her amazing donation to our arts project - which will help us to tell stories and find our voice through culture!

Greetings from Morley!

Thanks to Chelsee Ivan for her donation to our art card project! 

Chelsee Ivan
Born and raised in Taber, Alberta. Chelsee is a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Design in Photography. Chelsee is currently working and living in Calgary.


Winter Digs

Thanks to Leo Boutique, Liam Gordon, Alex Suthern, Phil McCutchen, Heather Lawrence, Alice & Bob Foote, Xavier Couchman, and Vanessa Rae for their donations of winter clothes!


Big news!

Reclaiming Indigeneity is ready to launch!
We’re beginning programs in Morley on December 17, 2010!

More details to follow!

In the mean time, we're collecting warm winter gear. If you've got coats, mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, and other cold weather gear that you don't need we'd be happy to pick it up and deliver it to someone in need. 

stay tuned!

Greetings from Morley....

Hurray for our next artist partner! Jun Lee!

Jun K. Lee lives in Calgary, AB. He lulls in his house with his fiance and twenty children, which are all bear shaped. When not parlaying with his poems, fictions and drawings, he likes to write screenplays and music for film.

Greetings from Morley!

Thanks so much to Ian Gordon!

Ian Gordon 'Community Bridges' 2010
Ian Gordon is has been involved as a Community Artivist in Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta. Ian has been striving for strengthening social advocacy with the disabled community and enhancing its interdependent relationships with the community at large through a new community initiative: Right to Love.